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SKD School Guardianship Staff

The investment you make in organising your child’s education now will bring great dividends in the future. Selecting an appropriate school and guardian family will help your son or daughter to develop into a well-rounded individual able to cope with the demands of the modern world.

With over 50 years’ professional experience in Independent education, the staff at SKD have a reputation for providing unrivalled guardianship and educational services. Our highly experienced consultants can advise on and organise all aspects of your child’s education in the UK. With first-hand experience of the diverse needs of overseas pupils and their families, SKD is recognised in the UK and abroad as a leading authority in this field.

SKD School Guardianship Staff

Meet the team


Educated privately, Sarah established SKD in 1996 after working for a leading educational consultancy in London for 20 years where she gained an outstanding reputation for the provision of school placement and guardianship for students from overseas.

Sarah is involved in all aspects of the Company overseeing school placement and guardianship and working closely with all parties concerned to offer a very personal service.   She places great importance on recruiting high calibre guardian families who are able to provide students with a friendly, secure and supportive environment in which to adjust to life in a different culture.

With over 35 years’ professional experience in the field of independent education, Sarah has a detailed knowledge of the needs of overseas students.


Educated privately, Lynne went on to qualify as a primary school teacher and taught within the State education sector for several years before joining SKD in 2000.

Lynne has specialised in guardianship since joining SKD and has particular responsibility for co-ordinating students’ travel to and from school.   In addition, she is also involved in the recruitment and visiting of guardian families as well as visiting students at school.

As a teacher and mother to three adult children, Lynne understands how important it is for children to be in a secure and safe environment and the part it plays both academically and socially.  Her personal contact with students, guardian families and schools plays a vital and invaluable role within the team.


Educated privately, Sian worked with Sarah for 11 years at a previous educational consultancy where she built up a detailed knowledge of the needs of overseas students coming to school in the UK.  Sian has been part of the SKD team since 2006.

Sian is involved in all areas of school placement and guardianship and is responsible for managing clients’ accounts.  She also assists with day to day administration and the visiting of students and prospective guardian families.

As mother to three school-age children she understands the value and importance of a stimulating and secure environment for children, especially those in an unfamiliar country being educated far away from home.


Hazel joined SKD after spending much of her career within the independent education sector, advising parents on all aspects of private education in the UK.  Over the years Hazel has built up an unrivalled knowledge and experience of all types of independent schools from boarding and day schools, to international study centres and English language schools, to private tutoring and revision courses for major public examinations.

Her wide-ranging experience and understanding of the needs of international students is a great asset to the team when advising parents and students alike.    Hazel is involved both with school placement and with guardianship, visiting students and prospective guardian families.


Prior to joining SKD, Martin worked in the marine transport business for nearly 40 years, during which time he travelled extensively throughout  Asia,  the Middle East, Oceania and the Americas as well as working in central London for many years.   Such experience has given him a good understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

After taking early retirement Martin joined SKD in 2009 to assist with and enhance various aspects of the day to day administration including responsibility for managing the recruiting and visiting of prospective guardian families throughout the UK.