Guardian families

Guardianship Guardian Family

SKD guardian families have been chosen for their willingness to welcome a student from oversees into their home, treating them as a member of the family and helping to ensure that their stay will be happy and fulfilling.

The benefits of guardianship to both parties are many, affording the opportunity to develop friendships that often endure for life and to establish the mutual awareness of very diverse cultures.

Guardianship Guardian Family

Guardian family involvement

  • Prospective guardian families are visited in their own home by an experienced member of staff
  • Professional and personal references are taken up and all relevant checks are carried out
  • Guardian families are asked to include the student in outings and activities and are expected to take a real interest in the student’s academic and social progress
  • Guardian families are expected to liaise with the school and to attend parent evenings and events where appropriate
  • SKD will maintain regular contact with guardian families and students

Becoming a guardian family

  • Becoming a guardian family is a rewarding role, providing a ‘home from home’ to overseas students.
  • Being a guardian family offers you and your family the opportunity to learn about other cultures
  • Guardian families often form lifelong friendships with their students
  • Supporting a student in this way provides a sense of fulfillment, knowing that you can play a key role in helping the student fulfil their potential.