Our testimonials

What the parents say

«You always give us clear and detailed explanation. Good relationship with our guardian makes us feel comfortable with my daughters circumstances in UK.»

«Even though it is just in a short period of time, I feel SKD and me are getting closer in a personal way.

No doubt they are very professional. Finding my son a very nice host family, coordinating among school, host family and us, arranging trips, personally visiting the boy in school… Everything was done in a very effective and efficient way.

More than that they seems to me they do care of the boy and our needs.  Last time when my son decided to stay at school for one exeat weekend, they immediately knew and wrote me asking if he was still happy with the host family; they also wrote to discuss when I preferred them to visit my son and what we wanted to know about him from school… Such consideration and personal care really surprise us and, warm us.

With SKD, Guardians Company to us is no longer a cold word on paper but a group of friendly and reliable people always being there caring your needs, securing your child, making UK not a very distant and cold place… Even not yet meeting with them personally, I feel like the world is small and we are actually very close.»

What the students say

«In addition to having a host family located close to the school, there were other excellent aspects of SKD which made life easier, especially for my parents, in terms of precise accounting, their very personal approach to providing welfare for the student and reliable communications with parents.»

«I felt lucky that I chose SKD as my guardian who provided me with lots of help during the last two years. They are always efficient and reliable. I also felt lucky that I could stay with a wonderful host family who treated me like a member of their family. Giving me a hot water bottle before I sleep, taking me to their friends’ New Year party and birthday party, giving me surprises for my birthday, etc. all these lovely memories with my host family have been a treasure for me. They gave me a sense of family and made me feel less homesick. We still keep in touch although I have finished my A-level, and I believe our long lasting friendship will continue.»

What our guardian families say

«As a guardian host family we have all gained invaluable experience as well as having the opportunity to learn about another culture. SKD staff take a genuine interest in the welfare of the student and are always available to offer support and advice, when needed.»

«Becoming a guardian with SKD has been such a rewarding experience for myself and my children. We have all benefited from sharing our home with a child from China and have enjoyed learning about the culture and also had fun trying the different food and recipes which the girls have brought with them.  Pearl was with us or two years and really became a member of the family. She spent Christmas with us and also her 18th birthday. Pearl is now at Bristol university and we keep in touch on a regular basis. She is going to stay with us in June and I am hoping to visit her in Bristol before that time.»

«We have been acting as a host family for SKD for many years now and have found the experience personally enriching because of meeting many, many lovely students and their families; learning so much about their own countries and sharing our own experiences with them.  For our children it has been a wonderful opportunity to meet others from counties ranging from Thailand to Germany to Russia and beyond.  The mutual learning experience is immense.  As for SKD, the company is extremely professional and the backup provided, both for parents whose children are under their care and for host families, is amazing.  We have always valued the knowledge that if there has been a problem for either the host family or the parents then SKD can be relied upon to ensure the safety and happiness of the children in their care.  Having spent much of my childhood in boarding schools and now as a parent myself, I can fully appreciate the huge worth of this peace of mind.  SKD is a caring, professional guardianship agency into which I would have no hesitation in entrusting my own children’s care.«

«Hosting Kevin our Chinese student has been a very positive experience for all of us. Kevin enjoys being part of the family and meeting other family members and friends at social gatherings. He settled well at his new school, studies very hard and also takes full advantage of the sporting and other extra-curricular activities on offer .For our part we have offered encouragement and support, attended parents’ evenings and school functions and are now helping Kevin prepare for University. We have established a good relationship with Kevin’s parents which we hope will continue in the future. The benefits of guardianship have definitely been two way — we have all learnt a lot about our respective cultures — and we would thoroughly recommend it.»

«We have been a host family for SKD for approximately 7 years. In this time we have had 3 students live with us. All 3 are considered a part of our family unit and our own two children have gained 3 siblings! We have done lots of fun things together, even taking one of our students on holiday to Europe with us. We offer family support to our students, we like to think that we are an extension of their own family at home.

SKD are a great agency. They are so helpful and supportive. They are at the end of the phone 24hrs a day. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They match the students to the family that they know will suit the student best.»

What our agents say

«Academic Asia International Ltd has had the pleasure of working closely with SKD Ltd for a number of years in matters relating to the guardianship and welfare of Chinese students studying in British schools and colleges.  Throughout this period we have found SKD to be unfailingly efficient and thorough at all times.

We have been most impressed by the genuine dedication of SKD’s staff to the welfare of the students under their care and by the amount of time and trouble that they are always prepared to devote to ensuring their students’ welfare and happiness.

We have found that SKD staff are always available to respond to unforeseen circumstances and that they are willing to travel anywhere and at any time to provide help and assistance to students.

SKD maintains an excellent network of guardian host families throughout Britain and have demonstrated that they can provide caring and sympathetic guardianship services to students at any location in the country.

Based on our experience of working with SKD we can recommend them most warmly as an outstanding guardianship provider.»

«Our companies have been co-operating for the last 6 years and two words that spring to mind are reliable and supportive. Our children who study in boarding schools in the UK far from their homes and families are under the best of care with Lynne and Sarah at SKD.»