School placement

UK School Placement services

The strength of the Independent education system in the UK lies in its diversity and ability to cater for the needs of the individual student. SKD’s Consultants have an extensive knowledge of the British education system together with many years’ experience of advising parents and students on the choice of suitable Independent schools and colleges including boarding school, private tutors, revision courses, international study centres and English language schools. SKD is in regular contact with schools to establish and maintain contacts with relevant staff and to develop a good working knowledge of each school and what it has to offer, including the level of provision for overseas students.

UK School Placement services

Selecting a British school

In order to advise on the most appropriate school and course of study, SKD will ask you to provide some important background information including the following details about your child:

  • A copy of your child’s last school report
  • A character reference from your current school
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Level and understanding of English
  • Interests and hobbies

Interview & application process

Based on the information supplied, SKD will provide details on up to 6 schools. In addition SKD can:

  • Arrange interviews at the selected schools and accompany you and/or your child, if required
  • Help you to select the most appropriate school for your child
  • Handle all registration and entry documentation on your behalf
  • Assist with the purchase of uniform and equipment

Pre boarding & preparation courses

SKD is able to recommend residential courses at International Study Centres to prepare students aged 7 – 17 for entry to mainstream boarding schools. The course can include:

  • A full academic and social programme
  • Intensive English language tuition
  • Small classes with specialist teachers
  • A selection of IGCSEs including English, Maths and Science
  • Experience of life in a boarding school
  • Cultural and study visits to learn about English life and culture

English language summer courses

SKD is able to recommend residential English language and summer courses with the emphasis on ‘fun’. These courses encourage the speaking of English and develop international friendships. The courses include:

  • Tuition from specialist English teachers
  • Activity programmes and cultural visits
  • Supervised sports and social activities